I’m a noob, but by trade I’m an analyst and so finding the abnormal is what I’m pretty good at. This leads to a number of things and challenges in various parts of life, but I think it’s a skill that may come in very handy with photography.

When it comes to composition I’m not quite sure if I look differently at images and find the parts I find appealing. I feel my perspective may be on target with the composer of the image and sometimes not so, which fine. This is the way it is, I’m ok with this. It will be fun as my photography progresses and the feedback I get on how people respond to my composition. Honestly right now I think it’s 90% winging it when I find something I want to shoot, but I haven’t really put much of my shots out for public display. I do appreciate all the feedback given on any of my “work” imagery, written, verbal, etc. I’ve learned over the years that feedback is almost always welcome (negative criticism mentioned in my mentor post that does not provide anything useful is not welcome) and brings¬†wondrous¬†new perspective.

Ok, enough rambling! Touch up work, it pains me to know that I have debris somewhere in the camera/lenses that shows up in my shots. Thank you Aperture for being able to retouch and clean this up!! It can be a pain, but I think it’s very worth it especially when you’re putting images out that represent part of you (we value what we value, and to each their own). I try to a maddening degree to get the photos cleaned up that I share free of these spots, will invest in a cleaning soon, because it distracts from what I want to share and display. This is me, I want to share my shot not my debris.

I love pictures, images, photos, creative things. As I learn more about photography it intrigues me how people shoot pictures of beautiful things and people, especially women. There nothing like a beautiful woman captured well in an image, sexy, erotic, spectacular, gorgeous, etc. What amazes me is not just how photographers shoot images of beautiful women, but the massive gradient of composition to almost no composition. And further, when I see Pro photos with debris that can easily be edited out I have to ask “really?”. I’ll leave it at that, I don’t know the situation behind it and they are doing a number of things right given the situation. Thank you to those that take these amazing pictures, I’d be scared to death to be in a room with an attractive woman let alone a naked one. We’ll see how that goes.

Happy shooting, and remember to flash the photographer… I mean, yeah.

Enjoy and cleanup your shots when you can, ADD people like me will appreciate it!