I had the opportunity to talk with my Uncle for a few minutes last week, he’s an accomplished pro and has been the Guru for as long as I can remember when it comes to photography. Life has been interesting so it was a quick how’s life going (he’s more a friend than an Uncle) and he dispensed some important advice and related a story.

The advice goes as follows: take photos of the normal things that are happening right now, capture life as it is with my sons and I. This can be hard because taking the picture sets me as the observer rather than a participant but this leads to amazing photos that capture the special parts of life. Most often when people pick up a camera they try so hard to capture the extraordinary events, this makes for some amazing shots yes. But if there is ever an “accounting” of what we’ve done as photographers and the photo-book is opened to see what we’ve documented it’s the normal things of the current phase of life that seem to have the most power. Capture the normal things (I think mundane is a fitting word) that are everyday and fade into the blur of life’s current pace. When we reach a point where we can look back at these captured moments in time after we’ve moved on to another facet or phase, this is where these images will have the power to inspire and remind.

The story was a long a similar line, his friend a great photographer showed him his family photo-book and he was in awe as images portrayed such a powerful sense of love. There was blurry shots and captures from different places but it was an excellent representation of a close and loving family.

My thoughts on both of these are simple – for myself, I have my sons and I love spending time with them. It’s easy looking back over the last 3+ years and seeing how life has changed since they entered the playing field well before birth. Life has taken some unforeseen and saddening routes, but we persist and enjoy. I was given my 20D Thanksgiving of 2010 as a gift spanning multiple events and feel very much still in the snapshot mode. This is slowly shifting towards photography, but I have much to learn. My sons are my life, I love taking pictures of them and it’s amazing looking back and seeing how much they’ve changed in the pictures and am absolutely floored every day I get to spend precious moments with them. They never cease to amaze. Luckily for me capturing moments with them is a challenge and a joy, because tomorrow they will have grown up a little more and changed a little bit, they never go back and time move so fast.

On a personal note, I’ve been hesitant sharing this important part of my life with the internet, and will do so guardedly as these little men are my life.

Those of you who have children I’m pretty sure know what I’m talking about. Those of you who don’t have children, capture that what gives you joy you’re amazing photographers I’m lucky to interact with you. There are a million cheesy/corny sayings as well as words of wisdom about the moments that take your breath away and the amazing things that happen. Really life is amazing, it’s the simple things that are so near and dear, take a step back and realize how awesome you are and the things you’ve gone through to get where you are at today. Remember those who have helped you accomplish what you have and be proud of the things you’ve done yourself.

Ok, done with the soapbox 😉 it’s time to shoot some pictures (or sleep in my case).

From the exceptional to the ordinary, capturing a photograph that will stir emotion in the soul is my goal.