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Being new to photography I am faced with the challenge of composition of my images, right now it seems even more so than normal. I think time will definitely help with composition, time behind the camera will help me train my eye to develop the shot before making it.

Having really enjoyed the Avengers movie recently something Loki says caught my attention in regards to photography and composition. He tries to monologue regarding his thoughts on humanity and their need to be ruled. Specifically (if memory serves) calling out that that is our purpose, or that we have a need to be ruled and commanded.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a believer of rulers and crazed domination but when it comes to people and photography it does help to throw out some direction or masterfully insert said direction in the help of leading lines.

I think that those who are used to looking at art, photography, and other visual media have a higher awareness of how to pickup on what the artist/creator of said piece wants them to see or if there really isn’t a point they find one. Those of us who are a little unlearned rely on two things: the artist and our subconscious. There are many tricks in order to do this, or so I am reading.

An example of humanity and their want/need to look at things someone wants them to see or when someone is playing a joke, is the effect of pointing at something, in a general direction, or just randomly with a sense of meaning. Watch and see who will immediately respond by looking, I’d assume people you’re with will first. Then pay attention for those around you that you may have caught their eye. People will look.

A friend/co-worker and I had this conversation a few weeks ago after seeing Avengers and now that punk has been pointing at things randomly on our morning drink walk to get out of the office for a few. Yeah, I fall for it.

Lines seem fairly obvious, leading to your subject or adding elements to bring to or take away. However there is something spectacular that may not always be a hardline, the body. I wonder what it is of the face that draws the eyes to the eyes, or the lips, mouth, etc. Think about the rest of the body, how manipulated just right poses a magical or possibly calculated ability to draw the eyes and manipulate the imagination.

Now to Geometry.

I love photographing building, architecture, and cars. I think there are amazing shapes people have put time and effort into bring out or to put in their creations. I try to find these and capture them in my photographs. Downtown Phoenix has been one of my favorite places to capture the lines in the buildings.

Now, geometry when it comes to composition as my dad pointed out is interesting. it’s not all about literal shapes in the photo, though it can very well be. It’s more about the shapes the mind perceives, those that provide stability or remove it to add tension. Something I need to focus on with my composition is building the image with both literal and perceived shapes within the image. I think it will take some training and retraining my mind in order to find both and then make them meld. Maybe I should have taken geometry in high school.

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