Phoenix Comic Con was awesome!

I had never been to one of these, so being my first and wanting to get some indoor work with people in I naturally brought my camera. Cool enough my friends have been going crazy for what seems like years making helmets of ‘The Fett’. For kicks they (maybe one of them, I dunno) painted one red and dropped an Adidas logo and some pinstripes on.

Bring on “Boba the Pimp” (which came from Wil Wheaton when he was autographing something for “Boba”) which is fitting with his bling.

Boba the Pimp

Now you’re on the Internet as Boba the Pimp Paul!!! Hahaha.

One of my favorite shots I was able to get was of Boba and this gal in an awesome Star Wars costume. I will be honest and admit I have no idea whether she is a Sith or Jedi.

ComicCon was an experience, I can’t wait to go to more over the years. One day have some of my work displayed.


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