I’ve only been shooting for a few months, actually come Thanksgiving I will hit my year mark with my 20D, and I’ve only had Aperture since July. So my photo work was generally just poke at the .jpg’s using the Canon tools on my Mac and spread where wanted.

A week or two ago I bought my first upgrade to my 20D, as tweeted and mentioned a handful of times I picked up an 8Gb card from BestBuy. Higher performance than the 4Gb card that died on me a few months back and Much higher performance than the 1Gb card I’ve been using as an interim card. This upgrade has moved the bottleneck of my camera clicking back to the battery, of which I have two, and I work to properly manage.

To wrangle in my Rambling and get back on target, Editing and Postwork. Wow, for the first time ever I drove/walked around and took 696 pictures. Waited ~20 minutes for them to move from the 20D to the Mac and then quickly got distracted while scrolling through and just aligning properly. Postwork is truly Work! (I am not sure if that is one or two words o.0 ).

My (old) MacBook Pro is the nicest system I have, it’s been a rock for 3-4 years. However, as I move into the Photoshop and more “creative” post processing work I’m going to need two things: a few classes on PS magic, and a desktop that can crank away on images.

Aperture is great and I’m slowly learning how to utilize a fraction of the power behind the Application, reading my book And putting that to use would help… a Ton! One of these days. Photoshop will be excellent for really wicked crazy post processing I’d like to play with, superimposing and combinations, strange colors, etc.

Something @Vasko_Photo said the other day rings very true – do as much work with the camera to minimize the post work done on the computer (heavily paraphrased btw). This is something my Dad had mentioned too while explaining he was focused on learning how to take the best photos he could with his camera rather than focusing on software, that will come later.

The power of the Application to modify and fix shots is great and very helpful, I’m glad “No .CR2s were harmed in the making of this .JPG” (haha I love this saying already). I need to focus on learning and applying what I can to improve my shooting. I can only imagine how much time is spent by the Pros and heavily invested Amateurs in working through a 1000+ image shoot. Granted, with a bit of luck and good fortune good shots will turn out.

Here’s to Editing & Postwork, may it be fruitful and not so hard on the back!