I’ve always been fascinated by people, what drives them, what makes them tick, why do they do what they do? Things like this have always made me “people watch” when ever I’m in a position to do so. Really these questions are something I ask myself almost every time I do something.

Here is Arizona we have the opportunity to enjoy face melting heat during the summer, but the “winters” are mild compared to most of the world. My thoughts are since I will be living in Tempe until January I should make the most of my time on my days off. What a better way to enjoy shooting pictures and getting some excersize then zooming around Tempe on my bicycle (here), sounds healthy and creative to me.

Driving around here it’s very interesting to see the various people who utilize the public transportation, there are some very unique folks that hangout at bus stations. I need to read up on streetphotography between now and then, to make sure I’m a little more prepared.

I obviously will share what I find and see.

Ready, Aim, Shoot!