Still tweaking the blog and will focus on the Zenphoto install too. I’m not quite sure how I want the blog to feel so if you’re watching you’ll see the theme change for a bit. In the future I plan to drop my images in the header of one of these themes so it’s even more personal.

I’ve had numerous WordPress blogs, just need to keep them updated and patched for the various security reasons. If you have a hoster that is providing the install just make sure they are keeping your install up to date. Chances of your site being the focus of an attack may be small, but as you grow in popularity and or attract attention (especially you Pro’s) your work is all that you have and no sense in loosing it from a blog/site glitch. Tangent-ed that thought, so I like WordPress and just need to get the theme settled.

Zenphoto, it’s interesting and I’m finding it to have lots of features I’ve been looking for in Gallery software, however it’s slow. Might be a config issue on my part, I plan on installing a copy of it at home and practice running it on a “secured” server over SSL (https:// with a cert (self signed of course)). That will be more of a testbed “collab” environment for myself and my Dad. Maybe one of these days I’ll get on to a secure hosted environment for business, or I’ll just look at the cost and invest in the hardware/connection at the house.

Enough rambling! On to the Photography… and well more rambling.